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21 Apr

Staying Connected! With Sidney Metz

In the coming weeks, we will post interviews with our Sales Account Managers about how they are coping with COVID-19 and what their takeaways from the situation are. Read below the first interview in the STAYING CONNECTED! series with Account Manager Sidney Metz. 



What’s the biggest difference in your work during COVID-19?

The main difference is the fact that I am not able to travel during COVID-19. I am not able to do my yearly visits to existing customers or go meet potential customers in person. Being out in the field and discussing new opportunities with customers is definitely what I miss the most. 

Do you use new platforms? Which platforms are helpful during this time?

In regards to digital platforms, I’m mostly using social media to stay in touch with all Riwal customers. I follow them on Linkedin and I post interesting content about our latest offers. But I really like the old fashioned way of calling the customers more than I like the use of online platforms. I miss the personal interaction with colleagues and customers during these challenging times. Therefore, I try to have weekly conversations with customers, not just to discuss market opportunities, but also to learn from each other.

How do you stay connected with your customers?

I have not had any video calls with customers so far, but if you are a customer of mine and you are reading this, I would like to invite you to a short video call and share some thoughts on how to do business in 2020. However, customers from all over the world have shared pictures of empty streets in the cities with me. It is very interesting to see how every country has their own strategy to fight against the virus.

What do you think is the biggest positive side effect to COVID-19?

I believe the biggest positive effect to COVID-19 is the fact that our planet is healing. Another positive side effect for me is that I think we all learn to appreciate the freedom that we have under normal circumstances a lot more. 

What is the first thing you are going to do after COVID-19?

Once COVID-19 is over, I will definitely go visit my grandparents. I am very lucky to still have them in my life and they deserve some comfort after being alone for this long of a time. Sitting on a nice terrace in the sun with a cold beer will definitely be the second thing I will do! 

What do you feel is the biggest challenge during COVID-19, and how did you handle that challenge?

The biggest challenge that I have faced so far was the delivery of a used 33 meter Holland lift scissor to a customer. The machine was located in Valencia and it was going straight to a jobsite in Austria. But then Spain unfortunately closed all borders as a part of their complete lockdown. 

Our customer was about to lose their long term rental project, but luckily we were able to come up with a fit solution. We transported a machine from our rental fleet in the Netherlands to the jobsite, which made our customer able to keep their long term rental contract! This is a great example of what we at Riwal do for our customers. We stand together in difficult times and are always looking for the best long term solution.

Do you have any tips for our readers?

It is very difficult to stay positive during COVID-19, but I would like to motivate everybody to get the best out of every day at the home office. We are all truly working in a great industry, where there are still opportunities to explore. The circumstances just require that we have to be even more solution orientated than we already are.

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