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28 Apr

Staying connected! with Jaap Mol

Jaap Mol at his home office

In the coming weeks, we will post interviews with our Riwal Used Equipment Account Managers about how they are coping with COVID-19 and what their takeaways from the situation are. Read below the second interview in our STAYING CONNECTED! series with Account Manager Jaap Mol.



What’s the biggest difference in your work during COVID-19?

The biggest difference in my work is definitely not being able to meet customers in person. 

Do you use new platforms? Which platforms are helpful during this time?

I definitely use digital platforms a lot, but since I also used digital platforms quite often before COVID-19, the platforms are not really new to me. A couple of the platforms I like to use are LinkedIn - our Riwal Used Equipment page, and Sales Navigator.  

How do you stay connected with your customers?

I stay connected with my customers by e-mails, phone calls, video calls, text messages and Whatsapp. 

Facetime and video calls are direct effects of COVID-19 and social distancing. How do you feel your customers respond to facetime/video calls? Do you feel it’s working and do you like it?

Most of the customers are in the same position as us at Riwal, so they are using the video call tools as much as we are and getting more and more used to it, like we are. I think it is working very well considering the circumstances, but I would always prefer to meet my customers in person. For now however, I think it is a very important and helpful tool. 

What do you think is the biggest positive side effect to COVID-19?

I think the most positive side effect to COVID-19, work wise, is that we develop ourselves by using different tools and skills than normally in order to keep our business relations going. As an example: I use the time to discover customers and business contacts worldwide on the web, and also to get more machine knowledge and to check machines that are going to be sold or have already been sold at auctions.

What is the first thing you are going to do after COVID-19?

The first thing I will do, once COVID-19 is over and we are allowed to travel again, is booking trips to go visit my customers. Because of COVID-19 I had to cancel a business trip to Finland to meet with 11 contacts. Therefore Finland will be the first country I will go to to visit customers. After that I will try to catch up on other cancelled customer visits. 

What do you feel is the biggest challenge during COVID-19, and how did you handle that challenge? 

I feel the biggest challenge has been “to keep all balls in the air at the same time”. For example, when you have to take care of the children while being available to my business contacts. That has sometimes been a big challenge. 

How do you keep motivated when working from home?

I have always been quite used to working from home, but I have never done it everyday like I’m doing now. However, I don’t find it that difficult to keep motivated. Every request, every email, every message I receive keeps me motivated!

Do you have any tips for our readers? 

Like a professional chef, I don’t want to give away my “secret ingredient”. But what I can say is: Let your customers know you are available to them, ready to answer their questions, help them and give them the best service you can. Show them that you are still there for them!

And to all of my contacts: BE SAFE, STAY STRONG, I’AM HERE FOR YOU !!

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