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Riwal Insight interviews

21 Jul

Riwal Insight with Thomas Świderski

Thomas Świderski, International Rental Fleet Technical Coordinator
We continue our “Riwal Insight” series where we introduce our colleagues here at Riwal.

Thomas has been working at Riwal for 3 years. He began as part of the SWAT team, then advanced to working with the Insync team*, now he works as our International Rental Fleet Technical Coordinator. The SWAT team consists of highly skilled mechanics who keep Riwal’s fleet in top condition across Europe. SWAT also supports other countries that Riwal operates in as well. “I enjoyed working with the mechanics. We worked on interesting projects, major repairs/overhauls, and we got to travel the world in the process.” said Thomas. He also liked the independence and flexibility of the job. “There was no hierarchy; everyone knew what to do to get the job done.” 

During his time with SWAT, he worked on interesting projects. An example of this is when he flew to Dubai to repair machines. In Dubai, Riwal had 4 boom lifts at the time. This was his first time fixing these machines. “The depot was very impressive. The working conditions and atmosphere were great.” said Thomas. He was in charge of refurbishing aerial work platforms in Dubai. This experience has given him the space to grow and expand his talents. In his current job role, working with SWAT was very beneficial. It has taught him patience and how to deal with customers to meet their needs. One thing that Thomas enjoyed the most about SWAT was that it was hands on and out in the field.

At International Rental (RIR), Thomas’ main focus is to keep the fleet running. If the fleet is out of order for any reason, his task is to organise resources to get the machines up and running again. If there are no Riwal depots in the country, then he has to find suitable contractors to execute the repairs. To report damages or other problems with the machines, Thomas has to contact the technical manager and report the damage processing. “I enjoy the administrative work and the international customers that I often get to work with.” SWAT and RIR work closely together because they service RIR’ machines; they have to keep in constant communication with each other. 

“I am enjoying working at Riwal. The staff is very friendly, and I get to travel the world. There are many opportunities to grow within the company.” explained Thomas. “Personally, working at Riwal has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.”  Professionally, Thomas has made it clear that working at Riwal keeps him motivated. He is always satisfied with his work and what he accomplishes with his projects. He takes pride in seeing Riwal machines in big projects and having the opportunity to work with large international customers. 

*The ‘Insync program’ enables Riwal to deliver the best customer experience by enabling a better flow of information and communication across the Riwal Group.

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