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Riwal Insight interviews

10 Mar

Riwal Insight with Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres, CEO of Riwal

Diversity  is one of the core values in Riwal’s working culture. Riwal has brought together a unique and diverse group of individuals. The success of Riwal has been shaped by its hard working and dedicated employees. Read the first interview in the “Riwal Insights” series with Pedro Torres, our CEO (Chief Executive Officer).


The task of a CEO never ends, but the greatest reward comes from being able to grow along with your organisation. In this article, Pedro Torres, explains how Riwal’s culture has allowed him to grow into an international leader.  

“The CEO’s responsibility is to generally oversee the successful functionality of the entire organisation,” explained Pedro Torres, the CEO of The Riwal Holding Group, “ my daily task as CEO is to meet the needs of the customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the board of directors and other relevant stakeholders.” 

Pedro has been working at Riwal for 9 years and has seen Riwal develop into the international rental specialist it is today. He joined Riwal as the Regional Director for South Europe in 2012; two years later, Pedro became the COO (Chief Operating Officer), and in 2019, he became the CEO. Prior to this, Pedro Torres held senior executive roles at Nacanco and HUNE, and he has more than 20 years of experience in Europe’s rental industry. To maintain Riwal’s continued success, there are many decisions and tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis by a CEO. Pedro explains that setting the strategies and direction of the organisation, modelling and helping to guide the company's culture and values, building and leading the senior leadership team, and allocating resources to the company's priorities are all part of his function.

  “I like the spirit at Riwal, and the implementation of the Riwal Way.” stated Pedro Torres. The idea of The Riwal Way is to create standardised, repetitive systems for every aspect of our business; whilst continuously striving to improve the way they work. This allows us to always deliver the best customer experience in the market, every time, anywhere in the world. He likes the diversity, and the Continuous Improvement culture of Riwal. “Customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on here at Riwal. Our strength lies in the ease of doing business and in being able to deliver smart and tailor-made solutions.” says Pedro. 

From the years of working at Riwal, Pedro explained that he acquired vast knowledge and experience: “With this experience, I have become a much more international leader, more versatile and decisive. Now, in a period of change and new challenges due to the pandemic, we have all learned to adapt to the given situation and to continue the business to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, I’ve learned to put more focus on giving advice, guidance, and governance to our teams, and how to improve the health of the organisation, so that Riwal will remain a great place to work. I believe that my role is to empower our employees to showcase their personalities, strengthen their skills, and build inspiring careers at our company.”

  • Mohammed Zameer Tousif / Manlift Power Qatar WLL 11 Mar

    Well, Cant agree more Mr Pedro, Riwal truly is one of the most inclusive Organizations I have personally witnessed, And Its only possible with people like you at the helm of affairs Thank you for guiding us, proud to be a part of this amazing Group

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