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Riwal Insight interviews

23 May

Riwal Insight with Marcel Vermeij

Marcel Vermeij, International Sales Account Manager

Diversity is one of the core values in Riwal’s working culture. Riwal has brought together a unique and diverse group of individuals. The success of Riwal has been heavily contributed to by its hard-working and dedicated employees. 

With 21 years of experience working at Riwal, Marcel Vermeij. After working for Riwal NL, Marcel now divides his time with 80% working for Riwal Headquarters and 20% for Riwal Netherlands. He is an account manager for Riwal’s International Rental (RIR). RIR has an extensive international network with a fleet of over 20.000 machines spread across depots in 16 countries. This means you will have one single point of contact, which consists of their experienced and dedicated team. Here Marcel works with racking companies, and companies with big projects (e.g. KLM) to rent machines needed to complete their projects. Marcel is the “bridge” between Riwal Headquarters and Riwal NL’s International Rental desk. Riwal NL is the Dutch team that handles all the operations within the Netherlands, and Riwal Headquarters keeps in close contact with the operations of all the countries they conduct business in. 

According to Marcel, these are the things he enjoys the most of working for Riwal: “I like working at Riwal because the colleagues are very open, and they give him room to be independent and grow in his field. Everyone here considers each other as family, and you really feel a part of the team.” Riwal shaped him professionally by providing him with lots of opportunities to grow in his position as key account manager by giving him the freedom to make his own decisions and also to learn from his mistakes. As a result, Marcel was able to get a lot of experience in his work. Riwal has also supported him to build a sense of loyalty within the organisation. Marcel personally thinks that Riwal has changed him to be a better person to his family and friends, and to maintain that sense of loyalty around him.

The best thing about working at Riwal, according to Marcel, is that he succeeded in building a strong network and trustful relationship with his customers over the years. Marcel enjoys working with young colleagues and sharing with them his knowledge acquired and experience gained over many years working at Riwal. He helps them with their questions about customers, aerial platforms, and etc.

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