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Riwal Insight interviews

06 Jun

Riwal Insight with Cynthia Lillyana

Cynthia Lillyana, Finance Department Controller
We continue our “Riwal Insight” series where we introduce our colleagues here at Riwal.

Cynthia started her journey since the 1st of June 2021 and it has been a great learning experience for her. Throughout her period of working with Riwal, she has been able to grow and learn more within her role. Her main responsibilities within the controlling team are mostly related with forecasting, budgeting, financial analysis and reporting. 

Cynthia explains that working with Riwal is a great adventure. She is very fond of the diversity within the working culture, solid team-work, and positive vibes from other colleagues. She says: "My colleagues are very open-minded and cooperative. Riwal really fosters diversity in the workplace and it is very evident. Even though the company is based in the Netherlands, different cultures are still present. It is very interesting to interact with all the different cultures at Riwal. I interact with many different colleagues from different countries. Positive vibes and great cooperation from all colleagues really encourage me to apply the same mindset to myself.” 

Though her journey at Riwal has just begun, she feels a lot of positive improvements, both in her personal and professional life. Working with Riwal has helped her to have a better balance in her work and personal life. Not only are you free to voice your opinions, but there is also the freedom to voice your concerns without being judged. Cynthia feels lots of appreciation and value from her colleagues and feels a true sense of teamwork spirit. 

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