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What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

18 Jul

Real Rental Insights

We are lucky to live in a digital age, with access to data that provides excellent insights into your company’s performance.

However, our work lives are much more intense and complex now, so we understand that our customers need access to that data wherever possible. At Riwal we believe in continuously improving to give you the very best experience in the industry, in every step of the rental process. In the digital age, this means access to the data you need via an easy-to-use app like My Riwal. With this in mind, we have integrated key performance indicators into the My Riwal app. This ensures that you can find the data and insights you need anytime, anywhere, on a desktop, laptop, cell phone, or tablet.


The My Riwal application provides a summary of all the machines you have on rent with us, giving you complete oversight. You can also easily drill down to differentiate between machines that are on rent, awaiting collection, or due for delivery.

Real-time financial information is also at your fingertips. My Riwal shows you clearly which invoices are due for payment as well as those you have already paid. Other easily accessible data includes a summary of all expenditures, as well as the ability to compare your spending with previous years, which is really useful for internal reporting purposes. In this way, you benefit from being able to accurately track your spend with Riwal as well as compare it year-on-year.

When you rent lifting equipment from Riwal, you are making an investment in safety, productivity and sustainability. My Riwal gives you the ability to quickly access information on your rental equipment – and this empowers you to make informed decisions that will optimise your return on this investment.

At Riwal we have deep relationships with our customers, which enables us to create even better solutions to help our clients be more productive, safer, and more sustainable. My Riwal helps us to achieve this vision by giving you real rental insights.

Request your personal ‘My Riwal’ account now and download the ‘My Riwal’ App now on Google Play Store or Apple App Store so you can take it wherever you go!

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