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What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

04 Sep

Unlocking a new level of collaboration and streamlining your project operations

In today's fast-paced construction industry, managing large-scale projects that involve multiple companies can be a challenging task. Coordinating different aspects of the project, including machinery rentals, requires effective communication and collaboration among all parties involved. At Riwal, we recognize these challenges and are proud to introduce a new feature in our My Riwal customer portal.

Shared Projects: comprehensive insights into Riwal machines at the jobsite

Accessible via the navigation bar in My Riwal's desktop version, the Shared Projects feature empowers customers with a comprehensive overview of the Riwal machines they are renting, as well as the machines rented by other companies involved in the same venue. For each machine, it is possible to view the hire and off-hire dates, order information, and contact person, enhancing transparency and facilitating efficient project management.

One of the key advantages of the Shared Projects feature is the ability to differentiate between Riwal machines rented by your company and those that are rented by other companies. By clearly categorizing the machinery, you can easily identify the equipment under your responsibility and avoid any confusion or mix-ups during the project. 

In case of any issues or questions regarding a specific machine, Shared Projects offers a list of contact persons. This list enables users to easily identify and reach out to the appropriate individuals associated with each machine. Prompt communication ensures that problems are addressed rapidly, minimizing downtime and keeping the project on track.

Activate the Shared Projects feature now

To start benefiting from the Shared Projects feature, simply reach out to your dedicated account manager at Riwal. They will guide you through the activation process and provide you with any additional information you may need. For more information, you can also contact us at

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