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What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

11 Jul

My Riwal for Finance Teams

My Riwal customer portal - control your rental costs

Every business needs a strong grip on its financial situation to help it remain sustainable and profitable. At a time when there is growing pressure on construction project margins, you need even tighter control of your costs.

You also need to be able to access this information as easily as possible, which is why we have included financial data and analytics in the My Riwal app. We listened to our customers to learn which information is most important for you and have ensured that it is always at your fingertips.

When you are renting equipment you need to know what equipment is on rent and how much it costs, as well as additional overheads such as transport for equipment delivery and collection, plus surcharges for damage.

Firstly, the My Riwal app provides a permanent record of all financial transactions between you and Riwal. This enables you to keep a close eye on your total expenditure with Riwal as well as easily download data to create reports for your colleagues in the Finance department or the business’s senior management team.

Along with reading the headlines you can also dive deeper into the story. My Riwal gives you the capability to break down invoices to see the separate costs for equipment rental, transporting the equipment, and even machine damage. The ability to monitor these three key cost indicators gives you an additional layer of granularity and even better visibility of your overheads. For example, you can quickly identify any “hot spots” where damage is occurring more frequently.

Furthermore, within this section of My Riwal you can find data regarding any credit notes and refunds from Riwal, completing the picture of your financial transactions. The final functionality is an archive of all quotations you have requested from Riwal.

At Riwal we work hard to make your life easier. We invested in financial functionality for the My Riwal app to give finance teams a 360-degree view of their relationship with our company. My Riwal is another way that we make it easy to do business with us.

You have quick and easy access to all of your financial transactions with Riwal from one centralised source. The app also provides provides insights into different elements of your spend with Riwal for that additional granularity.

We live in a digital age where data is king, but the key to a successful business is how you use that data. Thanks to My Riwal, your internal communications become much more effective because you can complete all of these actions 24/7, on the web portal or via the mobile App for Android and iOS.

Request your personal ‘My Riwal’ account now and download the ‘My Riwal’ App now on Google Play Store or Apple App Store so you can take it wherever you go!

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