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What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

08 Mar

What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

My Riwal began as a project in 2016 and was designed to be a portal where customers could access unique data and documents to manage their rentals online. After its proven success, now we are going to begin building a new and better version, My Riwal 2.0, in order to keep up with your needs and wants. 

My Riwal can be accessed from two different touchpoints, via desktop computer and mobile devices through the My Riwal Rental App. 

In My Riwal, every customer has access to a unique environment tailored to their specific data. 

Some of the main features of My Riwal are:

  • Online access to rental data
  • Real-time insight into data such as rental costs, machine usage, ad CO2 emissions
  • View invoices and their status (paid/ unpaid)
  • Ability to rent, off-rent or (re)order machines through your desktop or mobile device
  • Access to machine documentation
  • Report machine breakdowns
  • View machines in real-time on map
  • An email alert for inactive machines.

Difference between My Riwal Customer Portal and Riwal Rental App

My Riwal Customer Portal is a personalized portal with a wide range of functionalities and insights based on real-time data. In order to enjoy a full service, it would be recommended to use the desktop version rather than the Rental App, as the latter provides limited functionalities, such as no dashboard insights.

The Riwal Rental app gives insight into the machines in our fleet, helps customers measure machines in their own work environment by using our augmented reality feature, displays Riwal depots by country and more!

The app can be downloaded by everyone with no need of creating an account!

Functionalities of the Riwal Rental App without a My Riwal account

Without a My Riwal account you can enjoy from a limited range of functionalities, such as:

  • Easily rent machines 24/7, no matter where you are
  • Request various training courses
  • Project machines into your own working environment with our augmented reality feature
  • Find a list of Riwal contact numbers/ email address and depots via your location

Functionalities with the Riwal Rental App with a My Riwal account

If you decide to create your own My Riwal account, you will be able to enjoy from a full range of functionalities such as:

  • All the features above, plus the following:
  • View machines on rent and your rental history
  • View upcoming deliveries and pick-ups
  • Re-rent machines with one click
  • Request changes to your rentals
  • Off-rent machines
  • Easily contact your personal Account Manager
  • View invoices (not available for all countries)

If you want to enjoy from all the functionalities available, do not hesitate to request an account

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