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What are the advantages of using My Riwal?

09 Sep

Full flexibility with My Riwal

At Riwal we see equipment rental as much more than just a commercial transaction. We believe that rental works best for both parties when it is a true partnership and a long-term relationship. You get a rental partner you can trust, who makes it easy for you to do business.

The My Riwal app is full of ways to fulfil this promise about ease of doing business, including full flexibility for renting and off renting your Riwal machines. For example, if you have used a specific scissor lift before and you want to rent it again, you can do so with just a couple of clicks in the My Riwal app. Or if you have ordered a boom lift but you need another one exactly the same, it is easy to rent a duplicate machine. 

However, did you know that, with My Riwal, you can also off rent our access platforms if they are no longer required? This might seem counterintuitive as a rental company exists to make money by renting you machines – why would we want to lose money by letting our customers send machines back early? The answer lies in our philosophy of making it easy to do business. We’re not here just to rent you machines this one time, we want to be your preferred partner for all your aerial lifts. Features like the ability to “off rent” machines add real value to our clients because they save them money – even more important right now during times of price increases for raw materials and fuel.

My Riwal enables you to set up notifications for each machine, so that if it is not used for a specific number of days, the app will alert you. You can then easily off-rent the machine and we will come to collect it from your site.

My Riwal makes it quicker and easier to re-rent machines or rent duplicate machines as and when you need them. Notifications proactively help you to manage your rental fleet, and off-renting machines ensures that you have more control over costs. This is just one of the ways that My Riwal gives you full flexibility and complete control over access platform rental.

Request your personal ‘My Riwal’ account now and download the ‘My Riwal’ App now on Google Play Store or Apple App Store so you can take it wherever you go!

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