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Digital Solutions

11 Apr

Virtual Reality: Riwal’s Innovative Operator Training Solution

Virtual reality

Riwal takes pride in delivering the best possible experience to our customers, which is why one of our core values is safety. We want to help our customers maintain a safe working environment to reduce accidents and decrease the lost time related to injuries in order to get projects done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new innovations to make training easier, and in turn increase onsite safety which is why we have decided to adopt virtual reality as our newest training solution.

We now offer our customers the option to rent virtual reality simulators that come equipped with a working basket for operators to stand in and a control panel with joysticks and switches that mimic those on real machines. When fitted with VR goggles, operators in training will feel like they are training in actual worksites from the safety of the VR simulator.

VR Solutions

Operator training has proved to be a concern for many of our customers, due to potential injuries, time loss, damage to infrastructure, and damage of equipment while working at height. Virtual reality provides solutions to these concerns by:


  1.  Increasing safety
  2. Increasing operator efficiency
  3. Saving money


VR creates a controlled environment for operators to train in. This can save customers significant amounts of money lost to damages, as well as creating a safer and more efficient work site.


 Since operators are only required to do an IPAF training every 5 years, VR provides operators with intermittent opportunities to refresh their training. This is particularly useful if a person has not worked with a machine for some time, but is still in the time frame between required IPAF training.


Additionally, VR units include scenarios for different high risk environments, as well as different machine types. Operators who train in these VR scenarios will be more prepared to tackle real life situations because VR is more realistic than normal training.


Why VR is Worth It


While there are added costs of renting a VR device, we encourage our customers to think long rather than short-term. When looking at the entire cost of renting and operating machines, customers should consider the impact of safety, operator efficiency and damages on the final project cost. Spending a little more beforehand might save a significant amount of money in the end with better trained operators and safer working conditions for employees.

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