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Digital Solutions

15 Nov

BIM Advice Straight from Our Expert

This blog has advice about how to use BIM to your benefit straight from the expert, namely Kees van Benschop, the Business Innovation Analyst at Riwal who specialises in BIM.

BIM is the current (digitization) trend in construction. With BIM, it is possible to first build digitally before actual construction starts. In addition to the question ‘What are we going to build?’, the question ‘HOW are we going to build and maintain it?’ is particularly important.” -Kees van Benschop, Business Innovation Analyst

Caption: Kees van Benschop, Business Innovation Analyst

Why Use BIM?

Kees began working at Riwal in 2013 as an Account Manager and grew into the role of Business Innovation Analyst. Kees noticed that more and more construction companies were becoming responsible for the maintenance of a building for a longer period of time. He realized that it is therefore particularly important for construction companies to take this into account prior to construction. This way, they will not be confronted with surprises and failure costs can be prevented.

Reducing Failure Costs
BIM technology assists construction companies in creating building plans that allow for easier maintenance and anticipate potential future issues. By using BIM and reducing these failure costs, an increase in revenue margin can be achieved with the customer. That is one of the reasons why Riwal customers are increasingly asking for BIM advice. We can help on one hand, by making BIM families (models of our aerial platforms) available and on the other hand, to think along and work with customers on BIM projects.

Making BIM Models Available
To make BIM families available, we collaborate with various suppliers. Together, we ensure that the files meet the needs of the market. Brands such as JLG, Nifty, Skyjack and Genie have now made part of their machines available for BIM. We then looked at our international rental fleet and brought together the brands in our fleet on the platform under the Riwal brand. In our library, everyone can download free IFC and Revit files from relevant machines.

Advising Our Customers

In addition to the library, we also have a BIM advice department. Here we focus on the question "How are we going to do it?" We are often already involved in the preliminary phase to share knowledge and we can also help to achieve better implementation together. We have advised on various projects in the following areas:

  • Reach with the construction of complex buildings
  • Space needed to use a platform (leave space in the design of a building)
  • Maintenance plans for short but also longer-term (20-30 years)
  • Construction logistics
  • Communication project planning
  • Accessibility of a property

Caption: Riwal BIM model being placed in a construction site model to test if it is the correct working height.

Common challenges are presented around atriums and facade maintenance in a fully built environment. Previously, these challenges were often not considered during the implementation phase, but now it is possible to take them into account during the drawing phase.

BIM consists of co-creation and that is what makes it so valuable. In addition to the existing network, it also includes other members of a project team, such as architects, BIM managers, BIM coordinators, BIM modellers, etc. Together we can find best solution!

What’s Next with BIM?

For Riwal, applying 3D models is just the beginning. We still have so much ambition and dreams for future innovation. So, what’s next? We are already making the first steps with 4 & 5D right now. Do you have (challenging) projects? Involve us, because then we can look at construction and maintenance together in a timely manner. We can also submit a non-disclosure agreement to look at your challenges at an early stage.

Many customers are not looking for a platform, but the best way to do their work. BIM is a tool to build smarter together. In recent years, Kees has seen too much that the "HOW question" was considered too late. By thinking together in advance, we can prevent many surprises, costs and frustrations. And that's what we're here for!


Interested in speaking to the expert?

To contact Kees van Benschop about the possibilities with BIM, click here.

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