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Digital Solutions

07 Mar

4 Ways that Riwal’s Digital Solutions Make Your Job Easier

My Riwal app

The management of rental equipment at major construction projects or industrial sites can be complex and challenging. However, innovative use of digital technology, such as apps and online portals, can save time, enhance productivity and reduce costs of renting and operating.

That is why we created My Riwal, the customer portal and app that helps you track your machines and KPIs, rent and off-rent machines, view your invoices, and more--all easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

Digital solutions such as My Riwal can help make your job easier in the following ways:

1. Improving Communications

Major construction projects or industrial sites will naturally have a lot of aerial work platforms on-site, which presents challenges such as keeping track of rental contracts and invoices. The traditional way of managing this process requires almost constant communication with the rental company, but with My Riwal, you can manage this process online or from your phone.

You can view all of your rental history online, book additional machines online, or off-rent a machine. Communication becomes much more effective, because you can complete all of these actions 24/7, from wherever you are.

2. Boosting Productivity

On large work sites, it is easy for a machine to go missing, causing unnecessary stress for contractors and site managers. If one sub-contractor loans equipment to another sub-contractor and the recipient does not bring back the access equipment, substantial delays will ensue, hampering productivity.

Riwal has integrated telematics into My Riwal, making it easy for site managers to view the exact location of every machine in real-time, including data on how often the machine is used. It is even possible to set up alerts for specific time periods, such as 24 hours, so you can decide to off-rent the machine if it is sitting idle.  In the past, there was no insight into how long a machine had stood unused – an access platform could sometimes stand idle for days, with nobody noticing. At Riwal, we help the customer to understand patterns of usage.

While a web portal is extremely useful for office-based managers such as those in purchasing, many others are out on site, such as safety professionals and site managers. These individuals can now access most of the portal’s functionality through the My Riwal app, providing further flexibility.

Furthermore, My Riwal also enables contractors to co-operate when working together on a project. For example, if Riwal has six customers working on the same construction site, it can create a project on the portal so that every contractor can see each other’s machines. This level of visibility can significantly help improve site productivity.

3. Supporting Sustainability

There is a strong drive to improve sustainability on construction projects or industrial sites. This includes cutting carbon emissions by tracking metrics on emissions more effectively to enhance reporting capabilities.

Many contractors are still using diesel-powered access platforms because they are not aware of the alternatives. Riwal is one of the world leaders in the adoption of all-electric and hybrid access equipment, so naturally My Riwal includes information on how our customers can swap out diesel lifts for battery-powered machines, without compromising on performance.

In addition, My Riwal provides you with data on the total emissions savings that would be possible by switching to electric and hybrid machines. You can also download this data and use it for sustainability reporting.

4. Making Informed Decisions

Many companies still only look at the ticket price of the equipment when seeking to rent aerial work platforms. However, the lowest-priced machine will not help address the many hidden costs and unknown variables on a large site.

My Riwal is designed to help customers make truly informed decisions, by thinking not just about the ticket price, but the entire cost of renting and operating each and every machine. By giving our customers better insight into these costs, we want to help our customers to be even more efficient, productive and safe.

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