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Behind the Scenes of Riwal

16 Jul

Behind the scenes of Riwal with Krista Verschoor

Krista at her desk at Riwal
Krista Verschoor is Transport & Logistics Specialist at Riwal HQ in Dordrecht. Krista spends her time on organising transports and taking care of all necessary documents, whenever a machine needs to be moved. Krista may be working ‘behind the scenes’ but without her it simply wouldn’t be possible for Riwal to move that many machines every year. Therefore, she is a very essential part of the Fleet team. Read below to find out more about what it is like being Krista.


How long have you been working at Riwal?

I started out as a Logistics Support in May 2012 at Riwal HQ and after that I have had the role of Transport & Logistic Specialist. So I have worked at Riwal for over 8 years now.

What do you feel is the best part about working at Riwal?

Riwal is a very dynamic company and my days are never boring. We are always developing new things and I really feel part of the Riwal team. 

What do you feel is the best part about your job? 

The international aspect of the job is what I like the most. Being in contact with colleagues and customers all over the world. And building strong relationships. I have been working in the logistics branch for over 20 years now, and therefore I have a great network of people I can rely on. The fact that every day and every delivery is different keeps me sharp and motivated.

What does a day in your work look like?

You never know! Every day is different; I get a lot of requests from the sales and rental colleagues to quote transport pricing, arrange their shipments all over the world, handle LC files or make customs documents. Together with Arie Smaal, I make sure machines from our depots/fleets are delivered in time but also that defleet machines are transported from one depot to another. Making monthly reports, keeping an eye on the market to see how pricing is developing and always looking for the best option to move our machines are also important tasks of mine. Besides arranging transports, I am also the administrator for our Telematics solutions in the group. 

What is the most common machine you arrange transport for? 

I think the most common machines are the small scissors. We sell and rent a lot of these machines and they fit with every truck there is, which makes them easy to transport.  

What is the most common country you arrange transport to?

That will be all the Riwal countries. Arie mostly takes care of the European destinations while I am more focussed on the overseas shipments for UAE, Qatar and India among others.

What is the most exotic place/country you have arranged transport to?

Well, the furthest country was definitely Australia. But I can also remember shipments to Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, you name it. I have shipped so many machines over the years that nothing seems strange to me anymore! 

What do you think is the coolest kind of transport you have ever arranged?

The Australia project was really cool to do! After the rental period, picking up the machines away and transporting them back to our depots. Other than that the JLG-1850SJ machines are always a nice challenge. Same goes for all the big Holland Lift models that need permits and special attention. The bigger the machines, the bigger the challenge! 

What do you like the most about your work?

The fact that not one day is the same. The logistics world is always hectic and busy and I meet a lot of people all over the world, which is always interesting!

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