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Discover Our Sustainable Solutions

The secret to a successful business is listening to your customer needs and acting upon it. So, what do you do when the customer asks you for a sustainable solution that does not exist yet on the market?

One of Riwal’s major customers wanted all-electric big booms, but there were only diesel booms on the market, so Riwal decided to develop the booms itself. With this we contribute to three sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDGs 7, 11 and 12), which means that we invest in cleaner energy, the sustainability of cities and communities and responsible consumption and production.

Our All Electric Machines

Riwal’s engineers in the Netherlands became the first to convert big booms to all-electric machines. Today, Riwal successfully converted the following 5 models to 100% electric solutions: JLG 660SJ Electric (22m working height), JLG 800AJ Electric (26m working height), JLG 860SJ Electric (28m working height), JLG 1200SJP ElectricJLG 1350SJP Electric (43m working height)

And as national and EU regulations on emissions have continued to tighten, demand for the big booms has grown. Today, more than 60% of Riwal’s rental fleet is already 100% electric.

Our All Digital Environment

BIM (building information modelling)

The increase in demand for electric booms is leading the major contractors to involve Riwal at a much earlier stage of the project planning than before. Through its Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions, Riwal can demonstrate the suitability of all-electric machines for a client’s specific project. 

My Riwal Customer Portal

Through its award-winning customer online platform, My Riwal, Riwal can collect data on key metrics such as the percentage of diesel and electric machines on those projects, the amount of electricity and diesel they use, and the costs of that energy. This data enables contractors to see that they are saving money because the electric machines have much lower energy costs. 

My Riwal makes data accessible because it is easy to create reports on KPIs like energy consumption. Users can even set up online ordering where the default choice is always an electric machine. Changing the mindset of the people ordering the machines in this way can make a huge difference. 

Riwal’s unique combination of data, customer collaboration and product innovation makes the impossible now possible.