My Riwal: the digital tool that makes machine rental easy

Riwal wants to make doing business easy. Need an aerial work platform? Change your order or report a breakdown? Book additional machines? With our customer portal, you can reserve, order and schedule equipment online and off-hire directly on the job site.

Embarked on a large project? My Riwal allows coordination and collaboration between multiple customers working together.

Become more sustainable? The user-friendly features combined in our free online and mobile app provide all the data you need to smarter manage your fleet.

My Riwal is designed to help you make truly informed decisions.

Find the perfect solution

My Riwal, uniquely matched with our website, is available 24/7 to find and rent the equipment of your choice. View all machine specifications and compare different types, and easily rent by inserting your details and rental date. Job done? Off-rent has never been faster: with one click, you can immediately off-hire when the machine is no longer being used. Re-order? Just select a previously rented machine.

Track and trace

With My Riwal, you are constantly on top of things: tracking units on our fleet provide a real time display of where every machine is located exactly and if it is being used. In need of detailed machine information? Check the status directly via the map. Off-rent immediately? Use our on-site options and avoid additional costs.

Easy access

To manage your entire rental activity easier and more efficiently, My Riwal provides access to all relevant information. Simply view the information, download documents in PDF or export overviews as Excel files. Streamline your daily operations with these advantages:

  • All invoices and quotations, including their payment status, available in one place.
  • Check machine documentation, usage and rental details online.
  • Downloadable data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for sustainability certifications.
  • Access to product specifications, CE certificates and inspection documents.

Scan and go

My Riwal collects all the data you need to enhance the job-site productivity and customer experience. The easiest way to manage rental details is using our QR scanner. Scan the QR code on our machines to access all information, make changes to your order, off-rent or report a breakdown by sending a picture directly from the job site. 

My Riwal is available in the local language of all of Riwal’s European operations. Download it now:

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