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Our Sustainable Initiatives

Riwal is raising its game when it comes to sustainability. The company has aligned its sustainability objectives with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company has set global targets alongside these SDGs, which are implemented across all 16 countries where Riwal has operations.

Where possible we try to work in the same way across the Group. However, every country has its own methods of contributing to these objectives.

Initiatives of Our Countries

  • In UAE we are reusing water in the wash bays for machines.
  • In Denmark, our largest depot also has a similar water recycling approach.
  • The Netherlands uses GTL fuel.
  • Biofuel in Sweden contributes to the desire for more sustainable cities.

Group-wide Initiatives

  • Energy-saving lighting - Riwal is switching to LED lights as part of our sustainability plan.
  • Many of our offices, depots and workshops have already made the switch.
  • Colleagues are encouraged to bring their own ideas and suggest initiatives for continuous improvement, in a ground-up approach to sustainability. 

Often these ideas are a win-win, such as when Riwal in Denmark changed the soap to one with a lower PH level. This is better for people’s hands and it is better for the environment as well.

This shift is not coming from the workplace. Instead of learning something at work and implementing it at home, this mindset is coming from home and influencing the workplace. This is a great advantage for Riwal, as it means our sustainability goals are already aligned with the values of our colleagues.