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Vitality Program

As Riwal continues to uphold their sustainability initiatives, we have introduced a new internal Vitality Program for the Riwal Headquarters. The theme of this program is “Riwal is, because we are!”. Besides hard work, and good health, environmental interaction is also important for the Riwal team. 

This program involves bootcamp sessions, which involve taking walks with colleagues during lunch, or having sporting activities, for example. It focuses on the four (4) pillars of Riwal: 

  • Energy: 

The Vitality Program contributes to this pillar by promoting: work-life balance, peaceful and relaxed mind, healthy foods/drinks that stimualtes the energy level, time management and stress management. 

  • Enrollment 

This program contributes to this pillar by promoting a pleasant working environment; both physically (in the office and at home), and mentally (safe environment). 

  • Exercise

The program contributes to this pillar by promoting: ' Riwal in motion' which is based off of sporting activities. 

  • Empowerment

The Vitality Program contributes to the empowerment pillar by promoting: teamwork, coonection with colleagues from all levels and department and building strong relationships in order to empower each other. 


To ensure that the program continues to meet the needs of the team, the ‘We Team’ was implemented. This special team comes up with new ideas, collects the needs from the entire team regarding vitality, and then implements and coordinates the activities and initiatives accordingly. The ‘We Team’ meets every 6 weeks to plan and keep the program going! 



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