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Who we are

Some companies try to be all things to all people. Not Riwal. We have very consciously chosen to specialise in one very specific area – “powered access equipment”, by which we mean aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks. Altogether, we have a fleet of over 19.000 units. We sincerely believe that with this focus, we can deliver superior service which translates to safety, efficiency, and profitability for our customers.

Solutions For Working at Height
In a nutshell, we provide solutions for working at height, and we are in the business of making certain that our customers can do that safely and efficiently. The overwhelming majority of our business is in rentals, supplemented by services, like training, that we provide to rental customers.                                                                                            

In addition, we sell quality equipment for working at height from many of the leading brands. We are the official dealer of JLG, Genie, Holland Lift and Teupen in selected countries. We also sell high quality used equipment straight from our rental fleet.

Safety and Sustainability
Safety is our highest priority. Aerial work platforms are a safer way to work at height, and to make certain that our equipment is operated in the safest way possible, we offer training on both operations and safety. We also believe that renting powered access equipment is a sustainable solution – for the environment, but even more, for the long-term business success of our customers. Customers do not need to own, store, and maintain equipment on their sites that they only use occasionally, nor do they need to maintain the in-house expertise and insight that we can provide as specialists. They get state-of-the-art equipment and can focus on their core business rather than expending valuable resources on what is not central to them.

Riwal has operations throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as India, and Kazakhstan. With a network of partners, we can support activities in just about any country through our International Rentals unit, whether we have our own operations on the ground or not. Few companies can match our strong international reach.

Operating Globally, Acting Locally
We may have a global footprint, but we haven’t lost sight of the importance of working one-on-one with our local customers. For us, every transaction is personal. We work closely with our customers to ascertain exactly what kind of equipment they need, and what else they may require in terms of training and service. With small teams working out of  75 depots worldwide, we are usually close to the customer both literally and figuratively. We think that’s what allows us to respond quickly and reliably, and we think it’s also reflected in the relationships we’ve established with our customers based on mutual interest, respect, and trust.



As a company, we believe in a core set of values that define our character and guide our behaviors – with our customers and in society at large. They are the values that make us good corporate citizens and reliable partners.

We provide our customers with the highest level of safety with each rental or sale. Our approach to safety is pro-active: whenever and wherever we see a possibility to improve safety or to eliminate potentially unsafe conduct, we act proactively to create the safest possible environment for our staff and our customers.
We assume responsibility for all activities that are part and parcel of our work. Our aim is not only to get our work done but to do it properly in order to provide the best possible customer experience.
Our colleagues and customers can rely and count on us. We make all our decisions honestly and candidly.
We are experts in the work we do and we work very energetically and enthusiastically. We invest our time and energy to meet our customers’ expectations and if possible, to exceed them.
Riwal believes in teamwork, not only internally but also in forming a team with our customers. Together we look for the best solutions, possibilities, and prospects.


Maintaining high standards in regard to sustainability is of the utmost importance to Riwal. We do as much as we can to reduce our energy consumption and waste, recycling as much as we possibly can. In addition, we make conscious choices for products and processes that are good for our planet, such as converting machines from diesel to electric and opting for an increased number of electric and hybrid machines in our fleet.