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Riwal Offers E-learning

E-learning from Riwal

In compliance with the European countries's measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Riwal is not hosting any physical IPAF trainings at the moment. However, it is now possible to complete the theoretic part of the IPAF training from your own home! 




Via IPAF it is possible to follow a thorough e-learning module as a part of the complete IPAF training program for AWP operators. Via this e-learning module, you will be able to complete the theoretical part of the IPAF training. The module consists of presentations, videos and tests to assess whether the student has understood the material correctly. This theoretical part is valid for category 1A, 1B, 3A and 3B.

How long?

The module takes about 3 hours to complete. When the module is completed, the student receives a certificate of participation, if a sufficient result is achieved. 

What's next?

The certificate allows you to take the IPAF theory exam. The theory exam will ultimately be held prior to the practical exam within 90 days after you have completed the E-learning. The exam will be held at one of the training locations of Riwal, or if desired and possible onsite. The e-learning module in combination with the written test and practical tests of operating an AWP done by Riwal Training will lead to a PAL Card (Powered Access License) if the mentioned is completed successfully. 


You will need a personalised login to access the theoretical IPAF training via e-learning.


This IPAF e-learning is provided by the following Riwal countries: 



Follow the link to sign up for the IPAF e-learning module in your country. 

What are the advantages?

Increased safety: less physical contact hours between trainer and student. 

Efficient completion of IPAF: Participants will complete the theory part online and then be ready to do the theory exam and practical exam. Therefore the training will only last a half day instead of a full day. 

Higher flexibility: The e-learning module can be done wherever and whenever by the participant. It is available via desktop, laptop and tablet. Additionally, the participant is able to determine their own learning pace.