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March 2019 – Riwal, the aerial work platform and telehandler rental and sales specialist, has added innovative features to its Access4U customer portal, based on customer needs. In addition to the new features, Access4U will be renamed ‘My Riwal’.

With the My Riwal portal, customers can view all of their rental history online. They can also book additional machines online or off-rent a machine. Communications become much more effective because a user can complete all of these actions 24/7, on the web portal or through the mobile App for Android and iOS.

A new feature in My Riwal is the ability for customers to view all Riwal key performance indicators, such as on-time delivery performance and breakdown resolution time.

Telematics is now completely integrated into the My Riwal portal. As a result, users can see data about how often a machine is used as well as view the exact location of every machine, in real time. The customer can also set up alerts so they can decide to off-rent machines that are sitting idle for a specific amount of time, such as 24 hours.

In addition, the telematics integration enables Riwal to provide data on the fuel consumption and CO2 emission of diesel and electric equipment in use. This stimulates customers to consider switching to full electric access equipment. Customers can also download this data and use it for sustainability certifications.

Furthermore, My Riwal enables contractors to cooperate when working on the same construction project. For example, if Riwal has six customers working on the same construction site, a project can be created on the portal so that every contractor can see each other’s machines. This level of visibility can aid in improving site productivity and save on transport costs.

Currently, My Riwal is used by customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France and Poland in their local language, with other countries to follow.

Pedro Torres, COO of Riwal, comments: ‘My Riwal is designed to help customers make truly informed decisions, by thinking not just about the rental price, but the entire cost of renting and operating each and every machine. By giving its customers better insight into these costs, Riwal makes its customers even more efficient and productive.’