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Hulphond | Partnership with Hulphond Nederland | Riwal news | Riwal
Riwal becomes partner of Hulphond Nederland

Riwal has entered into a partnership with Hulphond Nederland. The Hulphond foundation trains dogs for both medical and therapeutic care. With this partnership Riwal will support Hulphond´s ambition to at least train 1,000 service dogs each year as of 2018, for people that need mental or physical care.

Rudolph Strickwold, Director of Marketing and Commerce at Hulphond said: "It is our wish that everyone in The Netherlands who needs a service dog can get a service dog. Service Dogs assist people that have disabilities, epilepsy or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as young people with behavioral or developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism and (light) intellectual disabilities. These specially trained dogs prevent isolation and offer new perspective. Training the number of service dogs that are truly needed requires quite a lot of investment, and therefore we are thankful for Riwal´s support “.

Johan van Klinken, Country Manager of Riwal Netherlands comments: “Riwal has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to safety in society. Riwal offers solutions to customers to work safely at height. The partnership with Hulphond is a great fit. Dogs and humans form a self-sufficient team enabling humans to safely participate in society”.