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Riwal Helping Families at Nursing Homes

On March 18 2020 the Dutch government made the decision to close all nursing homes off to visitors in order to prevent the elderly from corona contamination. Since then Riwal has helped several families at 9 different nursing homes in the Netherlands with seeing and talking to their loved ones at nursing homes.



In the week after the nursing homes were closed off to visitors Riwal Benelux was approached by Cor de Graag, a man who wanted to see his mother in Crabbehof nursing home in Dordrecht. Of course, Riwal wanted to help with the request but it was essential for us that we could meet all safety and corona measures. 

Safety is and remains the top priority of Riwal!

To enable the visit, a Riwal employee first went to the location to perform a recording of the environment, after which a TRA (Task Risk Analysis) was made, so that all safety and corona measures can be met during the visit. A scissor lift with a working platform of 2.5 meters ensured that a Riwal employee operating the machine and the visitor can keep the appropriate distance of 1.5 meters.

“At Riwal, we were already thinking about how we can help people efficiently and safely in these times. Cor de Graag's request came at exactly the right time. We are pleased that we can provide some relief during this time and have already been approached by various care homes. We are open to these requests, but only if it fits within the possibilities, whereby we can guarantee the safety of all involved. That is our highest priority”, says Glenn Verburg, Country Manager of Riwal Hoogwerkers.

Since then Riwal Benelux has received many similar requests. With each request we carefully examine the location and to see if we could make a visit possible. In the end we were able to carry out the following visits and we still have some planned for the future.

  • Residential care center Crabbehoven, Dordrecht

  • Residential care center Driezorg (location: Rivierenhof), Zwolle

  • Foundation Nursing Home Het Parkhuis, Dordrecht

  • Care center Beth Sjalom, Amsterdam

  • Residential care center Bannehof, Gorinchem

  • Residential care center IJsselheem (location: Nieuwe Haven), Zwolle

  • Nursing home De Waalburght, Papendrecht

  • Stichting het Spectrum (location: Polderwiel), Dordrecht

  • Residential care center Driezorg (location: Kievitsbloem), Zwolle

Riwal Helping at Nursing Home

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