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Augmented Reality Feature on App Now Available for Android Users

Augmented Reality My Riwal Rental App
The augmented reality feature was previously only available in the iOS version of the My Riwal Rental app, but has now been released in the Android version as well.

With the augmented reality feature in the app, it is possible for you to choose a machine and then see it directly in your work site with just the tap of a finger. This enables you to make a confident decision about which machine to rent and it saves you the trouble of renting the wrong machine.


Using the camera, the augmented reality feature projects an image of a specific machine into the environment that the camera detects. You simply open the app, select your machine of choice, and click ‘view in augmented reality’. The camera will open, and an icon will instruct you to move the camera around, pointed towards the floor for a matter of seconds. Then, you can tap the screen and the machine will be displayed in augmented reality on your camera, to scale in your working environment.

It is then possible to move the machine vertically and horizontally within a working space to determine if the working height is sufficient for the job to be done. Additionally, this feature makes it possible to see if a specific aerial work platform fits through the entrance to a work site. Since selecting the best machine for the job is crucial, this feature supports you in getting it right the first time. Of course, the Riwal support team is always available to give advice via phone or email if you are still uncertain about a machine choice.



Download the App on Android devices for free from the Google Play Store!

Watch the video below to see how the augmented reality feature works.