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Aerial work platform Training

Aerial work platform training
Riwal is a leading supplier of aerial platforms, telehandlers and forklifts. We are market leader in various European countries regarding sales and rental of aerial platforms, serving every kind of enterprise, from local to multinational. In addition, we have different types of training that teach your employees to operate elevated work platforms. These trainings can be given at three locations: Dordrecht, Velsen (North) and Son en Breugel. In addition, the course can also be given on site.


Basic Aerial Work Platform training
When working with an aerial work platform, it is important to do this as safely as possible. Basic knowledge of the machine and a course might be necessary. Our basic aerial work platform training complies with international norms and existing Dutch legislation. 
IPAF Aerial Work Platform
IPAF is an international organization that for 30 years is dedicated to using aerial work platforms, etc. safely and effectively. Riwal is the official training centre for IPAF Aerial Work Platform courses. Completing an elevated work platform training gives you a Powered Access Licence (PAL) card and a certificate. The PAL card is an internationally recognized certificate for operating aerial work platforms. Every elevated work platform training organised by Riwal offers safety on the work floor because at Riwal working safely at heights is of paramount importance.
About Riwal
Boasting an international rental fleet consisting of 16,500 aerial platforms in all shapes and sizes we serve our customers internationally in the field of access platform sales, making sure that quality and service are up to standard. Riwal is a reliable partner for any kind of enterprise.

Countries where we offer Aerial Work Platform Trainings
The Netherlands