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Interested in renting a telescopic boom lift? View Riwal's broad range! We offer telescopic boom lifts for countless sectors, and assure you of first-class quality at all times. Our telescopic boom lifts are from renowned manufacturers such as JLG. This brand is well known for the high quality of their machines, and has earned their stripes in the field. By working with JLG exclusively, we offer our many customers the best quality, both in terms of products and service. Discover our broad range of telescopic boom lifts now, and rent the machine you need for the job to be done!


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At Riwal, we have many years of experience in helping companies across a variety of sectors to find the right aerial work platforms for their job or project. Telescopic boom lifts have a particularly wide range of applications. The robust transport wheels make the aerial work platform ideal for rough terrain, while self-propulsion ensures the boom lift is easy to move. The most common working height for a boom lift is between 16 and 28 meters. Riwal offers both diesel and electric propulsion telescopic boom lifts. If you are looking for an aerial work platform for outside work at a great height, a diesel telescopic boom lift is the most suitable. They are very flexible to operate in places that are difficult to access. If you are looking for a telescopic boom lift suitable for indoor operation, it is best to choose an electrically propelled telescopic boom lift. Riwal converted many big booms to electric powered.They can be used in warehouses, on the work floor, in factories and shopping centers, because this version does not emit any harmful substances.


Telescopic boom lift rental from Riwal is an excellent choice. Riwal has for many years been the leading specialist in aerial work platform rental, supplying companies in both the Netherlands and abroad with high quality aerial work platforms. We are the market leader in countless European countries, and offers a rental fleet of 14,500 aerial work platforms across all types and sizes. Whether you're a small business or a multinational; Riwal is here to help. Quality and service are paramount across all our rental projects. We also supply to various industries, such as cleaning companies, painters or construction companies. If your industry isn't mentioned, simply contact us to rent a telescopic boom lift.

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Are you interested in renting a telescopic boom lift? Our experienced rental team will be happy to help. They will listen to your requirements, and visit you on site if required to ensure perfect alignment with your objectives. This ensures they can supply the right aerial work platform for your project. We deliver quality and service throughout the whole of Europe, and offer you the help you need before, during and after your purchase. So if you need to rent a boom lift, look no further - just contact Riwal. We can of course also supply you with truck mounted lifts, vertical lifts, spider lifts, articulating boom lifts, crawler lifts and scissor lifts. Discover the possibilities with Riwal!
Looking for a telescopic boom lift? Rent from Riwal today! Call +31 (0)88 618 18 00 or book directly online.

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