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International Rental

We live in a global economy, and that means more and more opportunities for companies based in one country to work in other countries. But working across borders is still not all that easy. Besides the obvious problem of language, you need to know and understand local regulations, who to call, and how business works in a different environment, not to mention, if you are working at height, getting access to the right equipment. That’s why we’ve created Riwal International Rental. From our international headquarters in the Netherlands, we can work on behalf of our customers to make all the necessary arrangements in practically any country anywhere in the world, or to work in several countries simultaneously. Click here for the German, Italian, or Portuguese version.  

One-stop shop

Of course, we take advantage of our own local organization where we already have people on the ground, but elsewhere, we have a network of partners with whom we can work to provide support to our customers. We can do everything the customer requires: advice on appropriate equipment, transport equipment to the foreign location (or locations), provide service and maintenance, and even remotely “Track and Trace” every piece of equipment at any remote site for both diagnostic purposes and to ensure that the equipment remains on-site and is only operated by authorized operators. We provide 24/7 technical support, and if there is a problem that we can’t solve remotely, with our global network we can provide on-site assistance straight away.

Niche machines and much more
Riwal International Rental has access to the full fleet of over 20.000 units owned and operated by Riwal, and is also specifically charged with the rental of approximately 150 specialized ‘niche’ machines that are not typically part of an AWP fleet – machines for working at extreme heights or with extra heavy lifting capacity, for example. So even if a customer needs a niche machine in a distant location, we can deliver it. And while we are a specialist in aerial work platforms, working with our partners we can also assist our clients to secure other equipment and facilities including fencing, lighting, or gensets.

The Riwal Way is to deliver the best customer experience, and Riwal International Rentals exemplifies what that is all about – making it easier for our customers to focus on the things they do best, while we take care of ensuring that they have the equipment and support they need to do their work.