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Working safely, efficiently and sustainably at heights in the On & Offshore Wind Industry

Riwal Industry Solutions is a specialist and leader in unique solutions at height for the On & Offshore Industry. We provide tailor-made, innovative solutions for a wide range of customers with very specific demands and requirements, such as fully electric machines, adjusted man baskets and low-level machines that can be used in harsh environments. Due to our continuous investment in people, fleet quality and innovation, Riwal has become a true international leader in the industry. 

With over 19.000 machines worldwide, we operate from 16 countries and are active in more than 70 countries. Riwal Industry Solutions has a global network and clear focus in the On & Offshore Industry. With offices in the EMEA region and throughout the globe, Riwal Industry Solutions can cooperate on future projects in regards to lead generation and collaboration in asset management. Our clear vision is to be the first choice for jobs to be done at height and to lead project-changing innovations for aerial work platforms, providing safe, smart and cost-efficient solutions.

Riwal Industry Solutions

Safety is absolutely essential throughout all of the processes in our business. We deliver safe access at height and never compromise on safety. Over 2000 Riwal professionals ensure that operations are executed safely and reliably around the clock, both on & offshore on a global scale. By continuously investing in quality and innovation, Riwal Industry Solutions has become a leading international player.

Focus & Ambition
To maintain our position as an international leader in the On & Offshore Wind Industry, we need to focus and be ambitious. Our first goal to become your preferred supplier of aerial work platforms, and deliver powered access machines to provide solutions at height for the On & Offshore Wind Industry

Our main activities are:

  • Offshore assistance for operations at height
  • Installation & construction of transition pieces & jackets on & offshore
  • Maintenance & repair of wind blades offshore
  • Machines on jack-up rigs for maintenance activities on board
  • Maintenance & repair of incoming vessels port of call
  • Machines on transformer modules for maintenance & repair
  • Construction of steel structures (shipping)
  • Decommissioning project operations

Innovations & modifications

Besides our fully electric machines, we offer various innovations, such as equipment that can be easily tracked or aerial work platforms and low-level access machines that can be used in harsh environments. Additionally, we also customize or extend working baskets and equip machines with work & navigation lights. To meet the needs of our customers, we cooperate on finding innovative, groundbreaking solutions together. 

Project Solutions

During a large scale and complex project, it can be challenging to be in total control of the usage of aerial work platforms. In order to minimize downtime and offer quick field service resolution in case of breakdowns, we arrange onsite maintenance for long term projects, such as 24/7 mechanics and a fixed representative. In order to reduce the movement of machines and continuously provide Shell GTL on site, we can implement full diesel management by Shell Tapup. Riwal Industry Solutions is here to support you in getting your projects done safely and efficiently, wherever you operate!