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Serving the Airlines Sector

For commercial airline operators, whether they are passenger carriers or freight lines, an efficient maintenance operation is crucial to business success. There can be no compromise on safety before a plane leaves the hanger and returns to service. Our aerial work platforms provide safe and efficient access to all parts of the plane, from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip, to facilitate efficient inspections and maintenance on all aircraft ranging from small commuter planes to the largest jumbo jets flying today. Indeed, we’ve designed a number of tailor- made, specialized platforms for the airline industry. And since most aircraft maintenance takes place inside, we offer low-noise, non-polluting electric alternatives to standard diesel power AWPs.

Tailored Solutions

  • 26-meter and 28-meter electric booms to inspect and maintain the tail wings quickly, safely, and without noise or pollution;
  • A battery change system that allows 24/7 operation of electric scissor lifts, so there’s no downtime required while batteries are charged;
  • On many of our machines, we install rubber bumpers and warning sensors around the baskets to provide an extra margin of safety and further reduce the risk of damage to the aircraft

Frequently Rented Machines

Quality and Safety

Safety is one of our core values at Riwal. We adhere to the highest safety standards, with immaculately maintained, quality equipment from the leading brands in the industry, such as JLG. Machines are inspected prior to each delivery and certified according to local regulations. We run training centers for custom operator training and can facilitate our training at your location, in multiple languages. We are also ISO and VCA (Safety Certificate for Contractors) certified.