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Virtual Reality: Our Innovative Training Solution

Virtual reality has been used actively in several different markets, and has proved to have a number of practical applications. Riwal now introduces virtual reality simulators as an effective training method to increase onsite safety and efficiency.

How it Works

Each device comes equipped with a working basket for operators to stand in, virtual reality goggles and a control panel with joysticks and switches that mimic those on real machines.

Virtual reality training simulators create a controlled environment for operators to train in, increasing personal safety for new operators and saving significant amounts of money lost to damages of equipment and infrastructure.


Safer Training

The VR simulation can be used in addition to our IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training. Although participants cannot be put into high-risk situations initially on real machines, the VR simulator allows the instructor to expose operators to difficult situations and if it ends going wrong, there are no consequences for the health and safety of the trainees.

Additionally, this innovation provides operators with intermittent opportunities to refresh their training, which is particularly useful if an operator has not worked with a machine for some time, but is still in the time frame between required IPAF training. Better trained operators are then able to work more comfortably on the various machinery, increasing project efficiency.


Increase Safety and Efficiency

The simulators are designed to increase safety and efficiency by providing additional training for machine operators on different machine models and in a variety of high-risk scenarios tailored to the construction industry. Currently, Riwal has 6 virtual reality simulators that are distributed across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, and the United Arab Emirates.