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Virtual reality simulation for scissors and Boom lifts

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Virtual Reality has been used actively in several different markets. Additionally, VR has also begun to perform in the lift industry.
There are currently only six Virtual Reality platform training simulations in Europe. Two of them are currently at Riwal Denmark. Equipped with VR glasses, headphones, a moving platform and with the same control panel that the operator will use for work in height, makes the VR simulator incredibly realistic. In fact, it will only take a few minutes for the brain and the senses to be fooled to believe that you are driving around a real machine on a construction site.

The VR simulator can be used for training how to control and lift the machines before operating a real scissor or boom lift. Moreover, VR simulators have been made available to contractor Mace Group.

The VR simulation can be introduced to our IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training. In IPAF training director will try to train operators to safely operate scissors and boom lifts. The training must be checked and of course, you can not expose any of the training course participants to a real hazard or in equally pressured situations that may arise on a construction site. But with a VR simulator, you can place the operators in risky situations and if it ends up wrong, you can only start the VR simulation from the front. Within a short future, it is predicted that technology will be developed and become more advanced, so you can upload the precise construction site to work with which machine you need. This will mean that you can train for the conditions that you will later have to operate a real lift.

You can watch Riwal Denmark's virtual reality experience below!