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My Riwal Customer Portal

Riwal keeps on working in order to be able to offer their customers the most innovative solutions. Some of these innovations are the 100% electrical machines between others. Therefore, in the technological aspect we could not stay behind, and that is how My Riwal started,a digital platform where you can find more insights on the rental process, in order to save costs and machine usage. 


Real-time insight into your data such as rental costs, machine usage, and CO2 emissions.

My Riwal provides you with information about your running and closed rental orders. It offers you real time insight into your contracts, order confirmations and invoices. Additionally, you can immediately see which machines are working on your projects and in what location. With the Track & Trace feature, you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of a specific machine.

Ability to rent, off-rent or (re)order machines through your desktop or mobile device.

With My Riwal, you can rent and off-rent equipment 24/7, which will save you time and money. Plus, you can quickly find specific documents, such as the inspection sheet and operating manual, that are all downloadable with just one click.

Access invoices Anytime, Anywhere

You will have unlimited access to your invoices and save time by having the invoice history and payment status at your fingertips, available for download whenever you need. Additionally, you can check which employees need renewed training based on the validity of their certificates and request new training.

View KPIs and Increase Sustainability

There is a strong drive to improve sustainability on construction projects and industrial work sites. This requires companies to reduce carbon emissions and better measure emissions metrics to enhance reporting capabilities. My Riwal allows you to quickly and easily view your CO2 emissions and other important KPIs such as how many machines are in use, machine operating time, and how optimally your machines have been used. 

Other benefits

  • Online access to rental data via a secure connection.
  • Ability to report machine breakdowns.
  • Insight into which machines are at work on your project(s) and where on a map in real-time.
  • An email alert if your machine has not been active for a chosen number of days.
  • Determine who has internal access to which functionalities within the portal.