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My Riwal - Innovation and convenience at your fingertips


Managing the rental equipment at major construction projects or industrial sites can be complex and challenging. With Riwal, this process is made simple, secure, and easy through ‘My Riwal’. 

My Riwal is our innovative customer platform which is accessible through your web browser and through our app, anywhere and at any time. Via My Riwal you can find all of the most important capabilities and information related to your rented machines. This includes finding your rental history and the ability to rent and off-rent machines directly.

What benefits can ‘My Riwal’ offer?

Ability to rent, off-rent or (re)order machines through your desktop or mobile device

With My Riwal, you can rent, off-rent, and extend the renting of equipment 24/7, which will increase efficiency, saving you time and money. On top of that, you can quickly find specific documents, such as product specification sheets, CE certificates and operating manuals, which all can be downloaded.

Insights into your data such as rental costs, machine usage, and CO2 emissions

My Riwal provided you extended information about your current and closed rentals. Through the platform, you can check the conditions of your rentals, such as their location, rental status, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. My Riwal also communicates the efficiency of your machines and even notifies you when a machine has not been used in a certain period of time. 

Access invoices anytime, anywhere

You will have access to all your invoices, invoice history, and payment status at your fingertips, available for download whenever you need.

Sustainability and KPI’s

There is a strong drive to improve sustainability on construction projects and industrial work sites. This requires companies to reduce carbon emissions and better measure emissions metrics to enhance reporting capabilities. My Riwal allows you to quickly and easily view your CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and other important KPIs such as how many machines are in use, machine operating time, and how optimally your machines have been used. This helps you to achieve your sustainability goals easily.

Other Features:

  • Ability to report machine breakdowns.
  • Determine who has internal access to which functionalities within the portal.
  • Easily contact your personal Account Manager.
  • Request changes to your rentals.