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My Riwal

My Riwal Customer Portal

Managing the rental equipment at major construction projects or industrial sites can be complex and challenging. Therefore, from Riwal we want to make this process simple and easy, with My Riwal. 

My Riwal is an innovative platform, from where you can benefit from all the capabilities you need to do business, from finding your rental history to be able to rent and off-rent machines directly. 


My Riwal app

If you prefer to have an overview within easy reach, then My Riwal Rental app is maybe something for you.The benefits offered on My Riwal portal can also be found on My Riwal app, with the aim of saving you time and increase your profitability. 

You can find the app in Google Play and App Store.

My Riwal Rental App
My Riwal Desktop
My Riwal Customer Portal
My Riwal Customer Portal