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To better meet customer demands for sustainable solutions Riwal has introduced three groundbreaking innovations: the converted 26 meter JLG 800AJ articulated boom, the 28 meter JLG 860SJ and the 38 meter JLG 1200SJP telescopic booms from diesel to battery powered.


We customize machines based on customer demand. The conversion of the JLG 1200SJP, JLG 800AJ and the JLG 860SJ are great examples. Developed in close cooperation with customers with specific needs, these machines are a sustainable alternative to diesel powered machines. Zero emissions and low noise levels are beneficial to the environment as well as the machine operators.

The conversions to electric did not have any effect on the performance of these machines. working height, horizontal outreach and operating speeds are at the same level as the diesel powered original. These solutions are ideal for applications indoors (exhibition halls, logistic centers, indoor manufacturing plants), but also for outside applications. The zero emission and reduced noise level are a great advantage for the environment!

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