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SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space Research)


SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space Research)

SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space research) is a project designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects. Riwal was approached for advice on the maintenance of the atrium, on what the best machine choice would be, driving direction and required space for the aerial platforms. 


In 2019, Riwal had the opportunity to think along with the architects during the development phase of the new construction of SRON. “GBM Advies” has given advice to SRON for the long-lasting maintenance of this building and in order to succeed in this project, we have shared our expertise around the employees involved in the atrium. 

Two years later, in May 2021, the construction company MedicomZes  finished the construction of this building. Although mobile elevating working platform was intended for the maintenance of the building, it was also used in the final phase of the atrium construction.

Riwal Height Plan

With BIM, we take into account the environment and the subsurface in order to be able to give advice.  For instance in this case what sptcs the Nifty HR17NE aerial platform was able to reach.

Our BIM specialists gave their advice during the development phase, therefore, SRON was well-informed about all possibilities and limitations of the construction. Because of having received advice in such an early stage of the construction, the client was able to deliberately consider strengthening the floors, so that they could hold the weight of the aerial platforms. 

Our technical specialists equipped the aerial platforms with sensors, that way the operator would receive a warning when being too close to a wall or fencing. The special thing about this machine is that it will be kept inside the SRON building, for this reason, the client has created a special room in order to store the machine

Project: New Construction of SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Challenge: Maintenance of the atrium (after construction)

Architect: Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Building Combination: MedicomZes-Kuijpers

Maintenance Advisor: GBM Advies

Due date: May 2021

By using BIM, we are able to think along with our clients in all phases of the construction of a building. With SRON, we worked together from the development phase, in order to take into account the maintenance of the building. This way, unnecessary costs and guesswork was avoided.In these last years, Riwal has built experience with tens of national and international projects.

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