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Boost Efficiency with BIM

What is BIM

BIM (building information modeling) is the process of developing BIM files, which are digital 3D models of physical objects such as buildings, machines, furniture, landscaping, and more.

BIM Animation with Riwal machines

The Benefits of BIM

By using our aerial work platform BIM models you have more control over the machines, this way you are able to reduce and/or eliminate failure costs and carbon emissions. Because our BIM professionals can help you to plan and manage your projects more efficiently, and anticipate problems before they emerge, this results in lower failure costs and it will save time.


BIM Process (Project Life Cycle)

  1. Development Phase
    Using our BIM models in the early development phase, you can determine what type of machine is needed for the job. Bim also allows you to effectively plan where the machines are needed on site.
  2. On Site
    Bim provides an overview of the construction site, allowing you to anticipate challenges when using aerial work platforms. This also increases efficiency in large-scale projects. In addition, you get access to our BIM specialists who will work with you on the implementation of the BIM files with the most suitable Riwal aerial platform for the job to be done.
  3. Maintenance
    With the use of BIM, future maintenance becomes easier as building entrances can be modified to accommodate aerial work platforms. You can access your permanent record of machines used in the project for repair/maintenance purposes.

What To Expect From Riwal

After you shared your project via, our BIM specialists will analyse it. And together we will create a custom digital height plan for your project. Contact us if you want to discover the full range of solutions we have to offer. Together we will analyse your project and create a fully customized digital height plan. We can help you with:

  • Choose the right machine for the job to be done;
  • Effectively plan where and which machines are needed;
  • Create a complete overview of your construction site, allowing you to anticipate challenges before they emerge;
  • Keep an eye on all of the used machines and track the amount of carbon emissions;
  • Calculate the required space for maintenance during the development phase;
  • Increase efficiency in large-scale projects;

The advice can focus on the equipment and space required, accessibility of a location, construction logistics, optimize planning, costs reduction and increased sustainability. Check out our free online BIM aerial work platforms in the BIM library .


Fill in the form below if you have any questions or comments. If you would like us to analyze your project data and work more efficiently, please send your project data (Revit or IFC format) to via Once we have received your information, our specialists will contact you.