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Low Level Access – 5.0m Manual

JLG Power Tower or similar

The Power Tower is a push around personnel lift by JLG. This low-level access lift is 0,78 metres wide and fits through standard doors. With a 1,52 m x 0,75 m platform and 250 kg lifting capacity, it provides the operator with an efficient workspace. Maximum working height is 5,10 metres.

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Safety gear required
Technical data
Working Height
5,00 m
Workload Capacity
250 kg
Own weight
342 kg
Platform dimensions (d x w)
0,75 x 1,52 m
Transport dimensions (d x w x h)
1,6 x 0,78 x 1,85 m

An upgrade in toughness and strength from the well proven

A vertical aerial work platform is small, easy to operate and ifeal if you need to carry out work on, for example, ceilings. Single man lifts are particularly suitable for cleaning activities. Because the vertical aerial work platform can be operated sideways as well as up and down, it gives you a very comfortable reach. The single man lift’s oscillating cage also supports this.