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Spider lifts for sale

To purchase a high-quality boom spider lift you should really turn to Riwal. For years we have been helping companies, at home and abroad, to find the right lift for their jobs and projects. You can rent or buy from us and we will provide you the best pre-purchase advice, as well as excellent after-sales service. Would you like to buy a boom spider lift? Then you are more than welcome at Riwal. View our range here!

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The applications of a boom spider lift

The boom spider lift is the perfect lift to use when you are working at high altitude and the space is limited. With a boom spider lift you are able to reach places you would otherwise not be able to with any another aerial lift. This is because of the narrow work platform. If you often carry out activities such as cleaning and/or repairs to stair systems or swimming pools, you absolutely need a boom spider lift for optimal results. A boom spider lift can also be used outdoors.

Technical options

What kind of boom spider lift is suitable for your business? This depends on various factors. For instance, you should consider the lifting capacity, working height and reach. If you need a medium-sized range with your boom spider lift, the Hinowa GL 14 boom spider lift, with a working height of 14 meters, would be the perfect choice. If you need a horizontal range, choose the LEO 36T with a working height of 36 meters and a maximum horizontal range of 15 meters. With the boom spider lift you will, as mentioned, reach places you would otherwise not be able to with any another aerial lift, but it is important that you choose the right version for your project. That is why here at Riwal we are available to advise you before you decide whether to purchase a boom spider lift. If need be, we will visit you on location so that we can optimally map out what you need.

The service of Riwal

Riwal has been the leading specialist when it comes to aerial work equipment, since 1968. We rent and sell aerial lifts to companies in the Netherlands and abroad, always providing our customers with high-quality, specialist advice. We believe it is important that you as a customer are able to go to work confident in the safety, quality and sustainability of your equipment. Our comprehensive advice contributes to this. We also offer you the opportunity to complete a course in our training centre, to help minimize the risks involved in working with a boom spider lift. In addition, our services do not end after the purchase of a lift; you can contact us for maintenance and/or to purchase new parts.


If you are considering buying a boom spider lift, please feel free to contact us. Our team of specialists will gladly advise you on the countless possibilities that a boom spider lift offers, and also provide you with information on the other machines in our range. Whatever application you require a lift for, or whichever sector you work in, at Riwal you will always find the right machine for your business!