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Articulating boom lifts for sale

Do you often carry out work activities where you encounter obstacles? Then buying an articulated boom is a very good idea. You are at the right place with Riwal; here you can get information from us about both new and used articulated booms of the best quality. We will be happy to advise you on the various options available as part of our extensive range. Are you considering buying an articulated boom? Then, please do contact us!

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What are the options?

As you can see, our range of both new and used articulated booms is very varied. The different dimensions and working heights of the articulated booms are logically developed to suit various applications. The lifting capacity, the drive and the weight also vary. Specialists at Riwal have given business owners personalised advice for many years. They will also help you find the right articulated boom for your work activities or project. They know how to connect you to the right equipment thanks to their extensive experience.

Do you wish to purchase or hire an articulated boom?

At Riwal we understand that purchasing an articulated boom is a big decision for your company. Nevertheless, purchasing an articulated boom can be a genuinely strategic move for your business. Hiring is also an option with Riwal. Deciding whether it is better to purchase or to hire an articulated boom depends on your work activities and frequency. Our hire fleet, with over 13,000 machines, provides aerial work platforms for every application. When you hire an articulated boom the aerial work platform can be delivered neatly on site if required, and of course, you can rely on specialist advice and a dedicated service. This is because Riwal’s ultimate objective is to fulfil every customer’s needs for aerial work equipment, regardless of whether it involves buying or hiring this equipment. 

Deployability of the articulated boom

The articulated boom is particularly flexible and versatile. This makes the articulated boom a popular piece of equipment. It can be used perfectly for projects which must overcome a number of obstacles because the articulated boom combines its reach with a specific articulated height. You can go much further with an articulated boom than with any other aerial work platform. You can also choose whether to purchase an articulated boom with a battery or one that uses diesel. The battery model is ideal for working indoors (the white tyres mean the platform does not leave any streaks behind), whereas the diesel model is suitable for uneven terrains. And did you know that the articulated boom is self-propelled? That’s handy!

Do you wish to purchase an articulated boom?

Well you can at Riwal! Our specialists are on hand to provide you with all the information you need to purchase your own articulated boom. You are not only benefitting from excellent service with this investment now, you can also rely on service from Riwal in the future. We like to take care of servicing your machine and you can contact us for any new parts. Join a number of national and overseas business owners and opt for an articulated boom from Riwal, the all-round supplier and knowledgeable partner in the sales of articulated booms!