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Aerial Work Platforms for sale

When working at heights, it is important that you can do this safely and in comfort. You know you are in safe hands with an aerial work platform from Riwal. You can purchase a used or new aerial work platform from us which fully meets your requirements. We will be happy to advise you about our wide range, which consists of a number of aerial work platforms. Take a look at what we offer and find the right aerial work platform for your task!

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Should you buy a used or new aerial work platform?

Buying an aerial work platform is an important, strategic and big decision for many businesses. You can get advice and assistance at Riwal when it comes to selecting the right machine for your work activities. We have both new and used aerial work platforms in our range. Which aerial work platform works best for you will depend on the amount you want to invest and on your needs. We can of course guarantee that the new or used aerial work platform you purchase from us is of the highest quality and possesses state-of-the art technology.

Are you wondering about the possibilities we can offer you? You can contact us for the following aerial work platforms:

Articulated booms
Boom lifts
Crawler lifts
Scissor lifts
Boom spider lifts
Telescopic booms

Please feel free to contact us for further information about the various aerial work platforms and for a personalised, specialist consultation with one of our experts.

An extra service from Riwal

If you buy a platform at Riwal you can also rely on good service and specialist advice once the aerial work platform has been purchased. You can contact us for new parts, or if maintenance work is required on your machinery. You also have the option to attend special training sessions on the use of your aerial platform. Riwal is in fact an official training centre for aerial work platforms, overseen by the IPAF. This is an international organisation committed to the safe and effective use of aerial work platforms. These training sessions ensure that any risks associated with using an aerial work platform are reduced to a minimum.

It’s not by chance that Riwal is a market leader when it comes to powered aerial work platform equipment. We have been supplying products throughout the Netherlands and Europe since 1968. Our service stands for quality, safety and sustainability, and we are highly innovative. In most cases we will be able to devise a custom-made solution, should the right aerial work platform not yet be available for your purposes or work activities.

Do you want to buy an aerial platform? We will assist you further!

Are you interested in buying a new or used aerial work platform? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are ready to give you the best advice to suit your situation. You can contact us even if you are only shopping around and don’t know which aerial work platform you should have. We are happy to help you find the right aerial work platform for your work activities. Whether it be an articulated boom, a crawler lift, a telescopic boom, a boom lift, or any other type, we can provide the right aerial work platform for every business owner.