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Holland Lift

Holland Lift

In 1984, Holland Lift started developing and building scissor lifts. The focus on stability, robustness and above all, safety, hasn’t changed or shifted ever since. The extensive range of Holland Lift machines distinguishes itself by adhering to the core values from thirty years ago. Nowadays, the lifts from Holland Lift prove their strength in a variety of work situations. And, as always, Holland Lift machinery excels in robust design and the largest height range in the world. Working safely at any height is therefore guaranteed with a Holland Lift.

Holland Lift machinery

Whatever branch or application you use your Holland Lift machinery in, you can always rely on it being high quality and dependably safe. Holland Lift has everything to make every challenging job efficient and safe. Holland Lift is so stable that prolonged working at height is an extremely comfortable experience. The many options also make the work more pleasant and increase reliability.

5 reasons to choose Holland Lift

  • 1. Tailored to your working method. Lifts from Holland Lift are completely tailored to your applications.
  • 2. Work comfortably. The lifts from Holland Lift are so stable that prolonged working at height is an extremely comfortable experience.
  • 3. Long service life. Holland Lift works with bronze bearings in combination with double hard chromed shafts. Everything for very low wear and a long life.
  • 4. Unprecedented working height. Lifts of Holland Lift offers unique working heights. The Holland Lift Hl-340 D30 4WDS/N even allows working at a height of 34 meters.
  • 5. Durable finish. Lifts of Holland Lift are durably finished. Holland Lift use high-grade steel for our lifting installations and the hydraulic pipes have armament at all critical points.

Find your new or used Holland Lift at Riwal

When you’re planning to use your Holland Lift equipment daily, investing in a new or used lift is the best solution. At Riwal, you’ll find a broad range of different Holland Lifts, providing you with the opportunity to choose the lift that meets all your requirements. Whether you choose to purchase a new or used lift, Riwal will help you make an informed decision. That is also the case when you choose to rent your Holland Lift. Our expert team will know what you need and are more than happy to provide you with tailored advice.

Buy or rent your Holland Lift at Riwal

At Riwal you can choose between a great variety of Holland Lift lifts. We are more than happy to help you make an informed choice. We are excited to offer you the right solution. You can contact us by telephone or by email for more detailed information about the possibilities for your company. Whether you’re considering buying or renting one of our Holland Lifts, you can count on our advice.