Multitel MT204EX - Truck mounted lift
Multitel MT204EX - Autohoogwerkers
Multitel MT204EX - Autohoogwerkers
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Autohoogwerker – 21.0m Diesel

Multitel MT204EX of soortgelijk

Huur nu bij Riwal: onze Multitel MT204EX autohoogwerker heeft een werkhoogte van 20,5 m en een horizontaal bereik van maximaal 14,3 m. De maximale hefcapaciteit voor deze Multitel is 300 kg.

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Technical data
21,00 m
14,30 m
300 kg
Eigen gewicht
3.490 kg
Platformafmetingen (lxb)
1,4 x 0,7 m
Transportafmetingen (lxbxh)
6,3 x 2,2 x 2,9 m
Max. werkbakhoogte
18,50 m
Max. werkbakbereik
14,30 m
Aantal mensen (aangeraden)
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The Multitel Pagliero truck-mounted telescopic platforms come in a wide range of heights, outreach and load capacity levels. The various stabilising methods, in addition to the rotation of the self-levelling platform, ensure maximum precision when working at a height.

MT 204EX is a telescopic aerial platform mounted on a 3.5-ton truck, with maximum working height of 20,5 m. At is maximum height it has a horizontal outreach of 14,3 metres with 80 kg platform capacity, rising to 300 kg at 9,2 m outreach.

Thanks to the dual alternator, the lithium or lead-acid battery pack charges while on the move. In all-electric mode it guarantees 8 hours of work on a standard cycle.

The operator can get around any obstacles to be positioned precisely at the work area thanks to the turret’s 400° rotation and the 1,4 x 0,7 m self-levelling platform that turns 90°+90°. The extendable stabilisers with front and rear vertical descent make the MT204 Hybrid a simple machine to use even in confined spaces.

The boom made of aluminium ensures rigidity and precision of movements, without bending or the oscillations that could compromise the accuracy of manoeuvring. The base frame in aluminium alloy and the High Line floor in micro-perforated aluminium make the platform lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Simple to use, secure in its movements and high performance in every context, it can be used in restricted traffic zones, town centres, shopping malls and green areas. The electric motor means that it is silent and free of pollutants.