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A strong collaboration between Mace & Riwal results in higher safety standards in Denmark

The collaboration resulted in higher safety standards for operating Motorised Elevated Working Platforms and the establishment of the very first IPAF Training Center in Denmark.


In 2017  Mace began carrying out major construction works in Denmark, which started a remarkable collaboration between Mace Group and Riwal Denmark A/S.

Mace’s project required higher health and safety standards than were normally required in Denmark..

One of these requirements was that operators of Motorised Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs) were not permitted to operate theirMEWPs without a PAL IPAF accredited licensed certificate. The outcome was that Mace and Riwal helped to found the first IPAF Training Center in Denmark, which is a facility for training operators of MEWPS and their managers. This is the first major step forward in reaching higher safety standards for MEWP operators in Denmark. 

Mace have an internationally renowned reputation within the construction industry for delivering high health and safety standards and they have become a role model throughout the industry. One of Mace’s core values is : Safety First. No Compromise. 

“At Mace it is very important that we can share the high health and safety standards that we have set over the years with other companies and partners in different countries. The IPAF Pal card and Manager training standard has been developed from lessons learned on other projects. Our collaboration with RIWAL has been very successful since arriving in Denmark and it is very pleasing to see the successful adoption of the standard by RIWAL  and their customer base. Safety First. No Compromise is one of Mace’s core values and along with the four steps to safety we strive to ensure every person on our projects goes home safe and well every day. At Mace we are committed to upholding the highest standards of Health, Safety and Wellbeing across our projects and  offering innovative solutions and delivering service excellence to our clients." Iain Gardner, Senior Health and Safety Manager at Mace Group

For Riwal safety is also top of list in every discussion. Riwal are measuring every accident and near miss – and it has become a part of culture. The proactive approach of higher safety standard can go into new heights with the strong collaboration founded with Mace across the world.