Жалға берілетін машиналар

Riwal қауіпсіздік пен тиімділікке баса назар аудара отырып, әртүрлі биіктіктерде жұмыс істеуге арналған шешімдерді ұсынады. Бізде 20 000-нан астам көтергіш платформалардан, телескопиық тиегіштерден және жүк көтергіштерден тұратын халықаралық жалдау флоты бар.

Сүзу немесе сұрыптау опциясы

Scissor lifts are available in both diesel and electric propulsion variants and both are suitable for working at great height. The diesel scissor lift is better suited for outdoor activities, in situations where you need to transport heavy equipment, or when you need a platform with a large working area. A further advantage of the diesel scissor lift is that it can operate across various surfaces, including rough ground. The electric scissor lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. We have both diesel and electrically propelled variants from premium suppliers Holland Lift and JLG.

All of Riwal’s aerial work platforms are from renowned manufacturers. We always supply our customers with the best equipment, no matter what machine you rent from us. We can also tailor our scissor lifts to your specific requirements. Our rentals team includes specialists with many years of experience in aerial work platform rentals. They would be delighted to explore the possibilities with you. Do you need the right advice? Simply contact us and we’ll be delighted discuss your requirements and our solutions with you.

Riwal is the number one specialist in scissor lift rental in Europe, Middle East, Kazakhstan and India. With a rental fleet of 15,000 machines, we can provide aerial work platforms for many projects across different industries, in line with our customers’ requirements. We have 65 branches throughout the world. These far-reaching branch locations ensure we can supply scissor lifts and many other machines throughout the world. So both existing and new customers can rent scissor lifts close to their location.

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Perhaps you’ve had a look at our broad range, and now have questions about one of these machines? Or maybe you want to know more about the possibilities our other machines can offer you? At Riwal, we’re here to help you with tailored advice. Whatever your industry or project, you’ll find the right solution at Riwal. Simply contact us to rent a scissor lift now, or speak to our consultants for no-obligation advice. They would be delighted to visit you on site to prepare a detailed assessment of your requirements and the possibilities open to you. Riwal is here to help!

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