Riwal 0



 / 05-VZS-2

The Riwal truck mounted lifts are very agile and the compact design makes them ideal for narrow residential development, weekend areas, and many more. The articulated truck mounted lifts are ideal for maintenance and restoration works as well as for façade decoration, plumbing, thanks to the articulation of the arm that allows to overcome obstacles at impressive height.

Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

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Техническая информация
Location: the Netherlands
Бренд: CMC PLA210
Рабочая высота: 21
Собственный вес: 3400
Год выпуска: 2009
Количество моточасов: 4508
Длина техники: 8
Высота техники: 2.85
Ширина техники: 2.12
Связанное Parts Maintenance