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Built to perform, forklifts deliver day after day by providing uncompromising quality to meet the demands for diverse material handling applications. With a vast range of load capacities, our forklift lineup provides excellent manoeuvrability and stability regardless of the terrain, even when handling longer loads. Forklifts have been designed to ensure robustness even under the most extreme conditions of use and they are ideal lift trucks for indoor and outdoor applications. These easy-to-operate forklifts will very quickly pay for themselves. Their simple maintenance and various safety features will guarantee optimum availability.

Training is required to operate this machine.

  • Safety materials required:

Техническая информация
Location: the Netherlands
Бренд: CAT EP20CN
Рабочая высота: 3
Собственный вес: 3470
Год выпуска: 2008
Длина техники: 2.18
Высота техники: 1.13
Ширина техники: 2.10
Связанное Parts Maintenance