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Pipe Carriers

pipe carrier
Working safely, quickly, and efficiently at height is difficult to achieve simultaneously. Especially if the work consists of replacing, moving, assembling, or installing pipes, it is very important that the material is moved around safely. This type of work is typically performed with a scissor lift, where the pipes are lifted to height for installation. Safety risks when transporting upwards are high, because material can start rolling if it is not secured. Riwal has a new innovation that can minimize the dangers of working with pipes at height.

The Solution

The newly designed pipe carrier is made with two standing supports on top of the platform aligned inside of the railing, carriers with straps and a length indicator with marking stripes. The straps are attached to the carriers and secure the load against unwanted movement. The legs and length markings are extendable and can be used for different types of scissors lifts. The secured load on the pipe carriers can match the maximum lifting capacity of the machine, up to 800 kg. 

The pipe carrier has a CE marking and has been certified by the TÜV. It will be delivered separately and requires self-installation on the machine. We provide an operator manual that contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to install the pipe carrier on the machine of choice.

Compatible Machines

The pipe carrier is compatible with most JLG and Holland Lift machines. Contact Riwal beforehand to make sure that the pipe carrier can be mounted on the machine that you are renting.

 To see how the pipe carrier works, watch the short video below.