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Riwal is heading where its customers are going

As the largest specialist in working safely and efficiently at heights, we relieve our customers of worries and we do that in 17 different countries. By continuously investing in people, quality and innovation, Riwal has become a leading international player. With its international characteristic, Riwal can offer its customers the best possible service wherever they are. Riwal is market leader in rental in Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, etc. But… Riwal is more! In countries where Riwal does not have a branch, we work together with partners.
Our customers who work on projects abroad always have the same, trusted contact person in the home country. Riwal takes away all worries in Kazakhstan, Europe, Brazil, India, the Middle East, etc. 
Customers with branches abroad can conclude individual contracts per country of residence, but can also conclude a central contract for several countries. 

Riwal has a rich history. Its primary objectives are to be attentive to its customers and to maintain the bond with them. In spite of its international growth and development, Riwal has remained small in character. You can notice this in the fast service, reliability and sincere attention for the customer.